We all know that the way people travel and staying in hotel has changed drastically in previous years.

Hoteliers around the globe are faced with the choice to either innovate or to be left behind. This is the reason why hotels and other accommodation providers are more and more adopting the newest innovations available on the market. Almost every day you can learn about some brand new innovations for hotel industry and wish your hotels has it. 

The HOTEO team has been following closely the latest technology trends, and in this occasion we are sharing with you top 3 must haves for 2019.


Speaking of Cloud, it is not the newest, but it’s most certainly the most important trend for the past couple of years. The adoption of cloud-based technology is on the rise in the travel industry and the reasons for this are numerous. 

The cloud-based solutions are more accessible, more convenient and more secure than any hard drive system. Also, it can connect and integrate with a wide range of other software and hardware solutions so you don’t need to change your existing PMS or other systems you may have. The cloud-based technology enhances productivity and provides better connectivity between and across hotel departments.  These solutions enable different types of operations, which save time and enable a higher level of efficiency.

The researches show that the implementation of cloud-based solutions has an impact on hotel staff productivity and quality of overall guests’ services.


IoT (Internet of Things) is in the direct relation with the cloud, and we could say that IoT is the consequence and future of cloud-based technology.

IoT is the process of connecting everyday objects, devices and appliances to the internet. These devices can generate data and interact over internet, turning usual devices into “smart”, which are often partially or fully autonomous.

The most common example of how hotels are used IoT is thermostat connected to the Internet that can automatically adjust room temperatures depending on room status room (before check-in, after checking out, while guests are in the room), or in response to the temperature changes caused by current weather occasion.  The same principle is being used for controlling light sensors, and consequentially for improving total energy efficiency.

IoT based solutions are increasingly becoming a part of the hotel industry, making hotels around the world smarter every year.


The last but definitely not least is the cybersecurity.

We can easily say this is more of a necessity than a trend.  It is the most important and absolute must-have when it comes to the hotel industry.  In the same way, technological changes and innovations are changing hotels, the hackers’ attacks and cyber thefts have been upgraded to.

For a hotel business, being hacked can cause multiple damages, such as data and identity theft, losing finances or, which is the worst, life dangerous situations for guests and the staff.

Because of these reasons hoteliers should be putting cybersecurity issues at the top of 2019 agenda.