Communication is the core of every hotel. It is required in every aspect of the running it.  Between departments, with guests, as well as with third-party partners good communication is the most important asset.

Just imagine going to a hotel and finding a problem with your room after a long and tiring journey.

Your first thought would be to call the Front Desk, right? Of course, it is!  And, it’s a piece of cake. You just make a phone and voila problem solved.

What you don’t know, however, is how the hotel staff has to communicate with each other in order to solve your problems. And what obstacles they need to pass in order to make your wish come true.


At the moment, many hotels lack a clear communication system so often times, hotel guest’s requests are not delivered. In this situation, you would become highly agitated and the hotel will have to deal with an unsatisfied guest.

To prevent situations like this, HOTEO comes in handy. It’s a great thing for the hotel, to have software that makes communication between departments so effective.  This way ensures guests get what and when they want, making the overall experience is much better.

Evidently, communication is vital in hotel management.

Some staff members, especially the Housekeeping, are not happy about having to learn how to use the new technology. They prefer to stick to what they know best, and what has proven to work.

We all know the training is a huge part of how to create a superior guest experience.  What’s more, software nowadays is easy to use and quick to understand, and are really make staff jobs much easier.

What they will realize is that a lot of time has been wasted due to the lack of effective communication.

Another issue is that hotels are having foreign guests, so there can be language barriers between them and the staff. Also, staff members maybe do not know to speak English or any language except their native one.

With software available in any world language, communication between foreign guests and the staff is much easier.


Sometimes, guests are not comfortable talking to the staff about problems they have while they stay the hotel. These guests will not have a great experience as they should and that leaves a bitter taste, and bitter review.

By having some sort of communication system that allows guests to communicate without contact is much better for the guest. And at the same time, it allows the hotel to make things right.

This kind of software will, also, prevent issues to occur more than once.

Therefore, if your hotel is lagging in some way or another, it can easily be solved when ensuring that the communication channels are clear and easy to use and that guests have a way to voice their problems and feedback. With HOTEO software this is possible.