Recent advancements in technology, specifically the development of mobile Concierge apps, are revolutionizing the way we travel.

They have helped create personalized travel experiences, simplified logistics, and have enabled immediate assistance and access to representatives. They also have made it easier to connect with local businesses, friends, and services.

The hospitality industry is undergoing a major reformation, thanks to mobile technology. Hotels are now faced with the opportunity to use technology to create meaningful, customized experiences and enhance their entire stay.

Now when almost everyone is using mobile phones, the hotel’s phone-service has become a bit useless. That pushes the hotel owners to look for other ways to increase the revenue per room. And the answer seems to lie in the SMS services, in the form of tablets embedded inside the room.


In addition to turning on/off the lights or ringing the alarm, they can be used for room service. They can be also used for bookings in local business partner’s restaurant or for sending updates about nearby entertainment deals.

Mobile Concierge like HOTEO allows guests to send a text to make a reservation at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Upon receiving the request, a staff member responds in a matter of seconds to assist suitably. This eliminates the need for going to off-site restaurants to have meals or drinks and spend inside the hotel’s property.

The use of on-demand facilities in concierge platform is indeed something to get excited about. By allowing guests to order drinks delivered to the poolside, the app captures the very idea of convenience through technology. Using the tactic, hotels expect to elevate the guests’ mood and receive favorable reviews from them.

Ensuring customers satisfaction and happiness is crucial to their survival and success.

Apps that are simple to use and offer greater value will definitely go a long way in fulfilling that promise. What’s more, an app’s increase usage can open more streams of revenue such as by displaying contextual relevance advertisements etc.

The data you’ve collected about this person from past visits reveals some valuable insights into their preferences. You can use these insights alongside technology to create an exceptional guest experience while maximizing your profits per guest. Every moment is personalized to the guest. It’s giving them exactly what they want, quickly, and without the need for human interaction.


Proponents of technology in hospitality have claimed that hotel owners now must start to think out loud. There’s a great deal more than can do through mobile concierge apps than just offer great customer service. In-app marketing is a hot-trend nowadays and that’s something the concierge apps can be utilized for.

Mobile technology plays a vital role in the hotel industry and will only become more prevalent in future years. Whether we like it or not, new technologies are not there for the sake of it. Hotels have a real chance to redefine what it means to customize.

To create experiences guests, want to be part of and value enough to pay for.