You have always wanted to improve your maintenance department so you can discover and solve problems more efficiently? Do you want to make it easier for your employees to please your guests and make your hotel flawless?

If your answer is “YES,” then we believe that the HOTEO software system is the right solution for you.


HOTEO is a software solution for hotel operations that allows you to report any issue which your hotel encounter.

Thanks to our system you and your team can easily and quickly report any damage inside the hotel, which ensures efficient resolving without disturbing guests.


Using our software, malfunctions will never be a problem again. Our software provides fast and accurate communication of all duties. HOTEO, apart from making it easier to work and saving time, gives guests a carefree vacation and enjoyment. Reporting problems your staff will be able to react in the shortest time with minimum or without disturbing guests.

By using HOTEO software, what already stands out is its simplicity and intuitive interface. You and yours staff will not need to go through long and exhausting training, nor will you have to do changes to work processes and procedures. All employees who use HOTEO have the ability to report a malfunction which increases the percentage of performance and efficiency.

HOTEO is designed to suit every hotel, which means that the list of problems is created according to the specific needs of the hotel. At any time you have all reported, resolved and unsolved responsibility. You can report a problem by selecting from a pre-created list and you have the option to add a description as well as a photo that makes it easier.

Maintenance department can see the reported failures, which can immediately inform the specific employee in form of notification, which influences better organization and efficient business.


The goal of every hotel is success. I t requires investment of tremendous effort an uninterrupted and flow of information and a well-organized and reliable team. There is no hotel without problems.

Using software such as HOTEO allows employees to better organize, simple login and tracking reported problems with time and money savings. All relevant data is stored in our software base and available in real time.

Anyone who has authorization can be easily accessed at any time. Based on these data it is possible to create reports and carry out a detailed analysis in order to improve overall operations of the hotel. With our software you can create, manage, solve problems and track the tasks.

HOTEO is available in most foreign languages so communication between each other is simple and without misunderstanding. The needs of guests are constantly changing and the hotel and its staff should find or even set trends.

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