We all know that the time before peak season is both an exciting and stressful. In the paragraphs down below you can find tips for the successful season.

On the one hand, this is the best time to make a fantastic impression and you’re probably looking forward to welcome guests and have full occupancy. However, this is also a very twitchy time for you and your team since it’s so important for operations to run smoothly.

We want you to go easily through this period when everything needs to run perfectly, so we decides to share with you some tips on how to make the most out of the peak season. First things first, you’ve done this before, and no one knows your hotel better than you do.


When in comes to preparation for the peak season, open communication is crucial. You need to talk about your team’s expectations and needs on a regular base. And don’t hesitate to ask them for feedback in return.

Also, make your team aware of how they can make a difference in the hotel and how they can think of hotel’s success as their own. This will make your team feel appreciated and keen to work harder for the common success.


During the peak season make sure you’ve set the correct price point to attract incoming guests. One of the most important tips for the successful season is setting prices at the right level.

This decision will determine whether you reach your revenue and profit or not. It’s important to take competition into consideration, but be careful . You should also consider the other factors that impact pricing and availability to ensure your hotel is priced competitively.


It is very important to have as many direct booking as possible from your guests. Direct bookings generate the most revenue, since everything you earn this way belongs to you and you don’t have to share it with booking platforms.

Besides that, you do not need to share vital data with third party and worry how these data are managed and used. Instead of that, use the
data collected from direct bookings to get known your guests better, target your message according to the purpose and experience wanted from the stay. Our HOTEO software solution can be easily integrated with your existing PMS and help you personalize service for every guest.


It’s is normal that is better and easier to work with guests who’ve already stayed with you before than to attract new guests. So send an email to your former guests and remind them of their amazing stay with you.

Highlight the benefits of staying and introduce the special offer which is made for them. Be assure that these guests will appreciate your gesture and
that they will choose you if planning to visit region again. Not need to mention that the loyal guests should always be your top priority. They are coming back because they enjoy the experience you offer.

Acknowledge and reward their loyalty and you will gain a special place in their hearts. Besides that, don’t hesitate to talk to your loyal guests and ask for advice and suggestions on how to additionally improve your service.

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