When the minibar first appeared in the 1960s, it quickly became an inevitable part of every hotel room. Today’s situation is completely different; modern guests have different habits and rarely use a minibar, so it existing in the hotel rooms has become questionable.


Hotels around the world are facing challenges when it comes to usage of minibar, primarily for two reasons.

The first reason is that the hotel staff must check minibars frequently to refill the products and make sure that no product has expired. This creates two challenges: the high labor costs and overstocking of items which result in spoilage.

The second reason is that minibar charges are the most disputed charges on any bill. Every hotel faced the situation in which guests tried to skip the minibar billing and succeeded in it. Statistics show huge numbers of people don’t pay for their minibar drinks and snacks if they deny consuming them when checking out. Because of the hotels’ policy that guests are always right, guests can leave without paying the bill and the hotel must cover these extra costs.

Since the policy of every good hotel is that the guest is always right, guests in these situations are leaving an unspent account that is charged by the hotel. The impossibility of charging a minibar is actually the biggest expense the hotels have when the minibar is in question.

For most F&B Managers, in-room amenities are a headache to manage. It requires a lot of effort for charge postings, the refilling process is far from flawless, and things are getting more complicated if the minibar items vary depending on the type of room. Besides that, trying to determine an item’s sale performance is difficult, tracking expiration dates of products is complex, and offering updates is challenging. And, of course, there is the issue of excessive usage of paper.


For these reasons, we design HOTEO, a web and mobile solution that makes easier to manage and monitor restocking, refilling, and other tasks regarding the minibar.

 HOTEO integrates with existing hotel systems, makes real-time data that are always accessible and provides managers with better control and visibility over the minibar operations.

The HOTEOs flexibility enables it to implement changes quickly per each hotel’s request, and training is fast and intuitive. It also offers the possibility to customize minibar’s items for every hotel and every room so that minibar can meet every guest’s needs.


1. Predictable costs 2. Facilitate managing the minibars operations, especially if you have more than one property to handle. 3. Real-time data are always available 4. Reduced risk of billing errors and guests’ complaints 5. More control of guests’ actual consumptions 6. Precise identification of items that need to be restocked or reordered 7. Reduced number of errors when refilling and restocking minibar items 8. No more printing of refill reports.

Managing the minibar operations with HOTEO can help you to charge consumed products more successfully and to reduce the number of complaints and disputes with guests.

HOTEO facilitates the minibar operations, increases the profitability, improves staff’s productivity by preventing errors and saving time, and enhances guests’ satisfaction with hotel service.

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